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Cat Boarding

Green Eyed Cat
Cat Stretching on Sheets

Contented Kitten Cattery


The Contented Kitten cattery is a new exciting area of the resort!


Feline guests enjoy life in spacious multi-level kitty condos while at Contented Kitten. The cat boarding area is away from our canine guests, providing a calm and peaceful environment. Air-conditioning and heating are standard, both in the sleeping and play areas.


Playtime for Cat


If your cat is sociable they will play with a resort member of staff at a variety of times throughout the day.


Food, Bedding and Toys


We ask that food is provided by the owner for all feline guests. If you feel that your cat would benefit from having their own toys and bedding, then we are very happy to accept them.




For the protection of all of our guests, all feline guests are required to have current vaccinations for:


  • Rabies



All vaccinations must be administered and records sent to the resort at least 7 days prior to boarding. Please upload to the pet portal. Should your cat not follow a typical immunization regime, we require a letter from a veterinarian explaining the situation. Vaccinations less than 72 hours prior to boarding are not acceptable, as immunizations require a length of time to be effective. Problems with vaccine reactions are also averted by this policy.




We maintain a very high level of hygiene at Panacea for the benefit of all our guests. For this reason, we request that all our feline guests are treated for fleas before boarding. If further treatment is required, it will be provided at an extra charge




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