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Resort Information 

Panacea Pet Resort is situated on 5 acres and is a safe and secure environment for your pet. The resort owners live on the premises, therefore, can attend to the guests 24 hours a day if required. The resort is sanitized daily and we aim to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness. Canine guests enjoy prolonged periods of play throughout the day, usually six or seven times, in the grassy fenced-in play area. If your pet is socialable, they will spend their play times outside with friends.

Canine Accomodation

We have accommodation for all sizes of dog. Panacea Petite Paws, Standard suites and Deluxe suites are all available. Dogs from the same family can be together or board separately.


Panacea Petite Paws is a recent addition to the facilties of the resort. It is an area dedicated to caring for dogs under 15lbs. Panacea Petite Paws is away from our larger guests and offers a quieter environment. Panacea Petite Paw guests have their own fenced play area for supervised play.


In the main resort each suite contains an indoor and outdoor area with a raised platform on which there is a soft fluffy bed. Cot beds are also available on request. You are very welcome to bring your pet's bed/blanket for their increased comfort as well as their favorite toys and treats.


Our standard suite indoor enclosures are fully climate controlled 4ft by 5ft areas. Each suite has an outdoor cement patio area measuring 4ft by 12ft which is accessed by a doggy door. The doors are open throughout the day, weather permitting, but at night are closed for safety, security and comfort. Our deluxe suite indoor enclosures are fully climate controlled 4ft by 8ft areas, which are double the space of a standard suite and is recommended for larger breeds or those guests who would like to share with a sibling. Each deluxe suite has two outdoor cement patio areas measuring 4ft by 12ft.


All accommodation is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter as required. Panacea Pet Resort is fully treated by a reputable pest control company on a monthly basis.

A Typical Day at the Resort

The day at Panacea begins at 6.30am with the guests going into to the play area for the first time.


While the dogs are out of their suite, it is fully sanitized including a change of water bowls and bedding as necessary.


Breakfast is served at around 8am.


Guests will then visit the play area every 2 hours throughout the day until 7pm (depending on the season).The play areas are always supervised by a resort team member.


Dinner is served around 3.00pm to allow for several more playtimes before bedtime.


At bedtime each guest is given a treat and the night lights are turned on.

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